Cecil Murphey

Cecil Murphey writer…speaker…teacher…survivor

I'm a hugger. When I meet people, I like to wrap my arms around them. I want them to feel worthy and loved. I write to hug people with words of encouragement and challenge. I yearn for them to appreciate themselves and to realize that God created each of us to love and to be loved.—Cecil Murphey

Cecil Murphey is a prolific author, having written or co-written more than 140 books. What makes him so unique is his God-given gift of crafting simple words into profound messages of encouragement.

Described as a “master writer”, Cec has helped others such as Ben Carson, Don Piper, and Franklin Graham craft their books into bestsellers. For decades he has taught and mentored the “next generation” of writers, sharing his time and talents as they honed their skills and found direction.

But Cec’s love and encouragement for others truly shine in his own books. Pulling deep from personal experiences, he tenderly reaches out to a hurting world. Whether for grief, heartache, loneliness, abuse, or recovery, God uses Cec’s words to touch others and give them hope.

Direct and caring, simple and profound, transparent and powerful, renown author and a man after God’s own heart. Such is Cecil Murphey.

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For more information on Cecil Murphey, his books, and speaking engagements, go to www.CecilMurphey.com.