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What is the purpose of Ciloa and why is it needed?

Ciloa has a two-fold purpose: To actively encourage the Body of Christ and to teach those within the Body how to encourage each other. Why do we feel that it's needed? Because few churches and ministries are really edifying people from a spiritual standpoint. So often the focus of what they do is on themselves and their own prosperity. Often when people are in the midst of tremendous difficulty, they are told it's their own fault. They receive condemnation instead of encouragement, blame instead of love. Ciloa is here to change that.

Do you have anything besides these Notes you can share with me?

Ciloa is always working to provide more in the way of encouragement. The seminar series The Encourager's Walk is an excellent way to learn about the Christian's call to encourage one another and discover how to carry out God's command. A Year of Encouragement and Another Year of Encouragement are collections of Notes that provide encouragement as well as thought provoking lessons for each week of the year.

In addition, we are working on material to post on our web site so that we can become a better resource for material that can encourage in specific areas. Two of these are Caring for the Caregiver and The Spiral of Depression. These resources will be available in 2008. And we are always looking for suggestions from our readers as well.

Also, we are hoping to be able to put the Notes on CDs so that we can reach even more people who will be able to hear the Notes. In the next year, the Notes should begin appearing in an audio format on our web site where they can be downloaded to our readers' computers and MP3s. And we are exploring the possibility of putting the first seminar of The Encourager's Walk on DVD for others to learn from as well as to use in teaching. All of this will require more funding, but we hope to get many of these projects done in 2008.

How is Ciloa supported?

Through the prayers, efforts and contributions of many people. Over the years, more than 130 people have participated in or worked with Ciloa in carrying out its work, whether that has been in encouraging others through the Notes, our seminars, our publications, or our efforts to bring encouragement to relief workers after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. People have given their time, talents and expertise in many areas, all voluntary and all out of their love for others. We have been very blessed that so many have trusted in what God has been doing through Ciloa.

We have also had many people make financial contributions to this ministry, without which we would not be able to carry on the work we do. Some have been large in amounts, others just a few dollars, but each one is greatly appreciated. And all of this has amazed me because to be honest, one thing we do very poorly is letting people know our financial needs, which tend to be significant great at times as we seek new avenues to encourage others.

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