The encouragers walk

About our seminar series, The Encourager's Walk,.....

Do you lead The Encourager's Walk seminars?

Usually. The seminar has general sections which I lead and then there are break-out sessions with facilitators. They may be members of Ciloa or people we have trained.

How can I attend a seminar?

Although we are considering doing a seminar strictly on our own, most are hosted by churches, ministries or other organizations. We will have the information for upcoming seminars posted on our web site, but if you would like to make sure we are going to be in your area, the best thing is to have a church, a ministry, etc. contact us about holding one. I say that because usually those have the facilities we need.

Do these require audience participation?

No. The seminars do not require participation, although those who attend frequently ask questions and make comments, especially in the break-out sessions. We do not make participation a requirement because there are many who, like me, are introverted and would prefer to listen and learn rather than speak up. As long as everyone can learn, we're happy.

Is it necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the Bible?

Thorough? No. Some? It would probably help, but it isn't necessary. That's mainly because while what we teach is Biblically based, much is a new way of thinking. So sometimes it helps to come in with an open mind.

Can I take the seminar on confrontation and reconciliation first?

No. We require the first one on edification and encouragement before participating in the second because everything is sequential. Like taking steps. Before correcting or rebuking, we must know how to encourage because that is an essential part of Christian confrontation and reconciliation. If we don't know how to encourage others, we won't be able to confront them properly when the need arises. Even in confrontation, we are called to build others up.

Will these seminars help me become a counselor?

No. The Encourager's Walk is for everyone in the Body of Christ. We are all called to be encouragers. This material is very important in bringing people together, making them stronger, and helping them through the struggles that life can throw our way. But counseling is a different matter altogether and involves more in the area of giving direction. While I would like to see all counselors learn and apply what we have here, not all are called to be counselors.

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