Caring for the cAREGIVER

Trapped... Lonely... Frustrated... Exhausted... Disappointed... Afraid... Angry... Unsure

Sound familiar?

One area of encouragement that stands out is ... Caregivers ... those who give their time and energy to care for someone else. Sometimes it's a role they've chosen, sometimes it has been thrust upon them. Always there is dedication, responsibility and devotion. But what they do is demanding work that in time can sap their strength, erode their hope, and steal their joy. They begin the day exhausted, frustrated, lonely, and often forgotten. And each day wears them down just a little more.

When we asked our readers of the Note of Encouragement about Caregivers, their response was immediate and direct. They told of situations involving cancer, Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases, chronic medical conditions, mental illness, depression, grief, stress, unemployment, divorce, single parenting, financial difficulties, and aging, to name just a few.

And we learned something important. This isn't just about a doctor or nurse, a parent or spouse. Caregivers include many others. When all is said and done, a Caregiver is anyone who cares for and tends to the needs of another person struggling with life, for whatever reason or cause.

Here, we want to share thoughts, advice, concerns, and hope. And most importantly to honor and encourage those giving such care. Whether you're a Caregiver or wanting to help one who is, we pray you'll find our site useful.