Hitting the Brick Wall

"...It takes a toll on the Caregiver and makes them wonder, Am I doing the right things or am I making this worse? It plays with their minds. They can get into a state of depression, too. I know I did. You even wonder if you are doing something wrong..." - a Caregiver

Are you a Caregiver? You may be able to answer that very quickly, or perhaps you're so new to this whole thing that you're not sure. Here's an easy definition to guide you.

A Caregiver is someone who on a consistent basis cares for and tends to the needs of someone else who at the moment is struggling with life. The struggles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are desperate and the care needed is quite extensive. Others are not life-threatening but more of a source of aggravation or frustration, and the need is for some consistent attention and help. And others, well, they can be everything in between.

Struggles and needs for care vary greatly. The causes vary as well. We tend to think only of illness and medical conditions, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic medical conditions. But Caregivers can be found in areas far beyond these. Depression - grief - stress - unemployment - divorce - single parenting - grandparents raising their grandchildren - financial difficulties - addictions - eating disorders - aging. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, you think you might be a Caregiver?

The following material has been developed to help you as you battle the Brick Wall. The Brick Wall? Well, it's that's point where you suddenly feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. You're frustrated, aggravated, angry, disappointed, lonely, exhausted, and you find yourself more and more just wanting to run away. Maybe it's not quite that bad yet or maybe it's all that and more. But the Brick Wall is very real, and if you've not hit it, you most likely will. We want to help.