Our History

For many years Chuck Graham had a strong, growing law practice. His clients included Christian churches, organizations, associations, and businesses, providing him the opportunity to speak at many services, conferences, and events. During his travels, he found churches and ministries struggling to show themselves as a fellowship of believers who cared for each other and those around them. The problem was in not knowing how to encourage others.

As a result, Chuck wrote Take the Stand (Broadman Holman Publishers, 1996), challenging Christians to consider carefully what it means to follow Jesus and how their lives affected those around them. He also developed material to teach Christians how to strengthen, encourage, and comfort one another, including instruction on confrontation and reconciliation.

As more requested his help, the need for a larger effort quickly became clear. So on July 23, 1997, Chuck began Ciloa, a ministry dedicated to the encouragement of all Christians and standing for the declaration that above all else...Christ Is Lord of All!

Ciloa continues to offer instruction, guidance and counsel in encouragement, confrontation, and reconciliation through its seminar series The Encourager’s Walk, which has been presented to churches, small groups, and ministries, such as Celebrate Recovery.

On January 1, 2001, Ciloa began publishing A Note of Encouragement, a weekly article designed both to teach and encourage. The first Note was sent to 342 people primarily in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area. Today the Notes are shared around the world, reaching 186 countries.

Ciloa is all about encouragement. We continue to explore new avenues to introduce and share God’s love throughout the Family of God and especially to those who desperately need Him.